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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Once Again...

Yes...a year has passed since their last time flies no? there WAS a post here a year ago...about Shen's year...thats...alot of minutes...yes... apparently I know more ger's bday than guys...normal? if i knew more guys bday then abit weird la hor? sapot guys ( and of course gers too ) proud of my friends...honest i am...i spent some time reflecting on my friend ( you guys ) guys really rock..brighten up my day...and night...and get the idea..if i lived a second time doubt i go back to what i am guys are the why my post all emo emo now...maybe cos of the music i listen too...emo juga la...sapot sapot... once again happy bday HAPPY BDAY Shen and Lee gers rock too..and all those whose bday's in the month of that how you spell it? Keep On Trangling,

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